Here is the SAFE Haven house as viewed from Washington Ave. 

Parking is available in the back of the house and is accessible by going around the block to Pearl Street and entering a driveway/parking lot in the middle of the block.

Img_0001When you first enter the house, one of the outstanding features of this 100+ year old house, is the open staircase leading to the second floor administration offices. Notice the wooden pineapple in the foreground, symbolizing a warm welcome to all visitors of SAFE Haven.

IMG_0002Upon entering SAFE Haven and to the left is the Youth Shelter office.

IMG_0005Img_0004(1)Here’s a couple of pictures of our Living Room, used by shelter residents for viewing television and movies, working on the computer or just hanging out. 

This room includes a phone, which is used by our residents.

IMG_0014Located just off of the Living Room is our Kitchen, used to prepare meals for our residents.

Img_0013Located on the second floor are bedrooms for residents. Here is a picture of one of the three bedrooms available for use by our residents.

IMG_0010Located in our basement are several rooms, one of which has been turned into a Art room for our residents.

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