Bridge To Independence

Your Bridge to Independence

The Bridge to Independence Program (formerly known as the Independent Living Skills program) is available for young adults age 18 through 24 in need of assistance in acquiring independence from their parent’s or caregiver’s home. Education and support provided in areas such as employment, money management and budgeting, food preparation and storage, landlord/tenant relations, legal skills, parenting and family responsibility, community resources and general household management.

All clients are required to complete the Casey Life Skills. This measure consists of 113 items that evaluates skills, knowledge, and awareness in seven areas.

The learning components include:

  • Daily Living
  • Self-Care
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Housing
  • Money Management
  • Work Life
  • Future Planning

Bridge to Independence offers up to a $600 stipend to help with first month’s rent or security deposit. After gaining employment and completing the program, these young adults may be eligible for additional support to set their lives in motion to achieve independence.

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