SAFE Passage

The SAFE Passage is a 12-month Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program that serves homeless (on the street, in a homeless shelter, or fleeing domestic violence) that are young adults (ages 18 through 24) who are currently experiencing homelessness. Qualifying young adults will receive rental assistance and supportive services. Persons must register at a homeless shelter for proof of homelessness.

SAFE Passage gets young adults off streets and into their own apartment.  Once housed, a case manager will provide resources and guide young adults through a hands-on life skills program. The goal is to offer short term financial assistance while these young adults obtain the skills and resources to live independently once they complete the program.

Program participants are offered case management services and assistance to build job skills, and to obtain a GED, diploma or other education and training. Through case management, participants will be introduced to other supportive community services and will be assisted in developing individualized goals that addresses their own needs. Case managers will work with participants to monitor progress and develop additional plans and goals. Once participants obtain employment they can rent an apartment and rent will be based on income. Participants have the option of staying in the apartment if they desire for up to 2 years.

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